Bobby Grossman: “Low Fidelity” Opens April 16th in NYC!

April 13, 2022

My friend and renowned photographer, Bobby Grossman, is having a show opening this Saturday, April 16th, 6-9 PM in NYC, presented by Howl! Arts. Bobby photographed many of my heroes, such as David Bowie, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, The Ramones, Blondie, and more. Bobby immersed himself in the culture that he documented and photographed his subjects in their elements when they were not self-conscious. I’ve collaborated with Bobby on a few Debbie Harry pieces based on his photographs in the past and featured on this post, “Doom & Destiny,” which you’ll see in his Low Fidelity show. The show also marks his Kickstarter campaign to publish his Low Fidelity book, including authentic moments he caught of so many of my favorite artists. Check out the flyer for more details of the show, and check it out if you’re in NYC!
– Shepard