Black History Month

February 01, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to share this fine art version of my “Bias By Numbers” art. “Bias By Numbers” addresses racial bias in policing, criminal justice, and media culture. The numbers don’t lie… racial bias is horribly real when it comes to policing, sentencing, and often media portrayals. We all have a legitimate reason to be outraged by this injustice, but we need to use that rage as motivation to keep our leaders and politicians accountable. Also, if you have a constructive outlet for your voice, please use it! I can tell you from experience that creative response is therapeutic and a powerful way to rally allies! I hope this art doesn’t just appeal visually, but allows viewers to look at the layers of information and facts and think about how to make positive changes to patterns of injustice. Thanks for caring!