Banksy Wah?

May 07, 2007

In the past few months there have been some rumors about how Shepard disrespected Banksy and pasted over his piece in Los Angeles. We thought people would get that something was worked out between the two artist since Banksy is very well respected in our camp, the fact that Banksy and Shepard are friends, and that Banksy was featured in SWINDLE in which Shepard interviewed Banksy personally…. But I guess some people could not put two and two together… Here is Shepard short but sweet response:
The Banksy accusation is retarded. Banksy is a good friend. On the reverse side of that building was a huge 25×15 foot piece of mine. My friend owns that building and we put up the smaller Banksy image on the other side for him. When Banksy’s LA show was coming up, I traded my larger wall for his smaller wall to give him a better spot. Do you really think I would go over Banksy in a malicious way. He got the best end of that deal.