February 26, 2007

Due to the recent rise in number of OBEY prints found on EBAY we are reducing the amount of prints per household/customer to 1 from here on out. If there is one thing that bothers us worse than lazy complaint emails is the EBAY market. We have tried our best to hold on to the 2 limit policy for our true collectors but it seems like a portion of the “collectors” buying our prints are EBAYing everything they purchase. Shepard and the rest of us are overwhelmed by the stories we hear about how much people are paying for prints on EBAY the same day as they are released on our site. With this new limit we hope to increase the chance of everyone getting an equal shot at a print on Tuesdays, despite the increase in overhead and work we ultimately will take on. Nonetheless, we hope this helps some of our true fans… But be forewarned that if we find out who these compulsive EBAYers are we will have no reservations in banning them from future OBEY purchases. Thanks for all those that have stuck it out these last couple of months!