Artists Band Together

August 17, 2020

I’m excited to announce Artists Band Together, a coalition of like-minded citizen advocates dedicated to the principles of democracy! I designed this limited-edition bandana for the campaign to symbolize the importance of democratic values. You can check out my work and the 14 others by a group of world-renowned artists, available now through Ebay for Charity. 100% of proceeds will go to voter-registration organizations Rise, Mijente & Woke Vote!⁠

⁠I believe in the Artists Band Together project because I think we all can make the country better, and that art and the humanitarian spirit of artists can play a valuable role in doing so. This project embraces the principles of democracy, by making art accessible through the bandanas while also providing support to the grassroots voting initiatives from the organizations benefitting from the profits – Rise, Mijente, and WokeVote. The caliber of artists involved is inspiring, and I believe in the story behind each work of art. I think that everyone from collectors to activists will be embracing these as collectable symbols of democracy at this historic moment. Thanks to the Artists Band Together curators Amanda Fairey, Jill Goldman, Nora Halpern, Asti Hustvedt, and Victoria Kennedy, and special thanks to Elizabeth Cho, eBay for Charity, Matchfire, Maxwell Lubin, Holly Trevino, and Victoria Yarnish. Thanks for caring!⁠


Visit to shop and support Artists Band Together now, through Ebay for Charity.