Project X mag. 35

January 01, 2000

Mongoloid Madness
Andre, the bad ass mutant of the World Wrestling Federation, former heavy, heavy, heavy-weight champ, king of the Royal Rumble, an one an ex-championship tag team, along with the omnious partner Big John Studd, lead a very fulfilling life. Ever since his demise (of natural causes) last year his popularity has reached a cult-like status partly due to the people at Alternate Graphics.

Considering that Andre is the focus of existance for this deranged art team, the 7’4″, 520 Lb., mongoloid beast is smiling down from heaven, I’m sure. (All kind-hearted giants go to heaven.) Stenciled images and stickers of obey giant are everywhere from car bumpers to schoolbooks to road signs and even on your ma’s nappy-ass back. The images of obey giant seems to have piqued everyone’s interest, whether it be positive or negative. “The obey giant stickers are both embraced and rejected, the psyche of the viewer,” says Shepard Fairey, the, king nut at Alternate Graphics, also appropriately known as AG. The sticker campaign actually started as a joke between two skaters, and quickly grew into an underground phenomenon, with an estimated circulation of 400,000 various obey giant stickers. The stickers have no meaning, its really just an experiment, a science project if you will, on Phenomenology, the process of Letting something manifest itsetf. AG also makes cool gear to fufther show their devotion to Andre’s posse. There are graphics on hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and of course stickers. There is even a documentary. – James