Appreciating Jane

December 16, 2023

They say never meet your heroes, but “they” must not have met Jane Fonda. I’ve gotten to know Jane not just as a cultural icon but a friend and personal hero. Her energy, resilience, and conviction in the face of adversity inspire me. This piece, rooted in the power of her 1970 mug shot, is a tribute to Jane’s deep commitment to justice, unyielding spirit, and the defiant fist she raised—a symbol that still echoes in the hearts of activists.

Jane has taught us that the personal is political and that our voices can roar against injustice and inspire others to speak out. As we celebrate her 86th birthday, I’m reminded that it is essential to express gratitude to those who shape our world for the better.

So, I offer you my way of appreciating Jane by turning an iconic moment in her vital history into art. I invite you to join me in celebrating Jane’s journey. Visit to share your appreciation with Jane and, if you can, support the mission to which she dedicates the rest of her life, the Jane Fonda Climate PAC. With any contribution, you’ll receive an expression of this artwork, including some signed by Jane and me.

Let’s continue to be loud, be heard, and be grateful. Here’s to you, Jane. Happy Birthday!