An Update to Print Collectors

July 29, 2020

To my fans and collectors,

I’m in a unique and incredible position to have a large audience of people who collect my prints. You all support me and count on me to continue to create work that you deem powerful enough to collect, to frame, to display, to gift, to purchase, and I do not take that lightly and I’m incredibly grateful!

While my audience has grown tremendously over the years, aspects of my business, my team and the infrastructure has had to catch up to accommodate. There is a huge demand for a limited number of prints, and many people use sophisticated techniques to buy prints purely to re-sell them. Within these variables, there are many challenges.

I don’t raise my prices to take advantage of what the market will bear because it’s imperative to me that my art is accessibly priced for all. I understand that the evolving technology behind our online sales has made e-sales challenging and my team and I are continually working to update this. In that process, we have had to experiment with software to filter out bots, as well as Captcha functions to distinguish humans from bots.

Regrettably, our sales are impacted by bots, like many other online sellers. When we identify bot activity, orders are refunded. My team and I spend a lot of time and effort identifying bots and re-sellers to make sure genuine fans can purchase the prints. I understand the frustration; it’s a mutual frustration and I will continue to work hard to create new art and sell it at prices that I believe are fair. Efforts will also continue to improve our system. I ask that you please be patient with us and realize that we are all humans and working through these challenges, as well as impacts we face due to COVID-19. We are working hard to accommodate you all the best we can.

Thank you for your support,