All Rise for Planned Parenthood!

October 27, 2020

The Senate prioritized the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. While our hearts may be heavy, we can hold them accountable. Women’s reproductive rights and the ability to access affordable health care is on the line, so we must #AllRise and focus on how we can protect our future. It’s time to VOTE. I am proud to contribute my art piece for Planned Parenthood’s “All Rise for Justice” series. Now is the time to call attention to the fact that elections matter and that we all need to vote to protect our rights. We need elected officials to stand for an equitable future where women have the freedom to control their own bodies and access health care. The SCOTUS confirmation is disheartening, but we won’t give up! This election is OUR fight. If you believe in this movement, please help amplify this important message by sharing this post. Thanks for caring!

Join Planned Parenthood Action and make a plan to vote: Text PLAN to 22422.