Adobe x Keith Haring

September 10, 2020

I teamed up with Adobe to celebrate the life and legacy of Keith Haring! Keith Haring’s philosophy that “the public has a right to art” was embodied in his street art and the art products he made affordable for the masses, all of which made my path as an artist very clear. Haring is a hero of mine because of his mission to make his work accessible and make art more democratic. His street art, gallery art, products, and clothing, wove together approachable art and social commentary delivered with his distinctive characters, mark-making, and unmistakable style.⁠⁠

Adobe created a set of Photoshop brushes inspired by Keith Haring’s original chalk, markers, paint, and other tools. Haring embodied the philosophy that “art is for everybody” in all of his work. These brushes take that idea and carry it forward for a new generation of artists. Check them out here: or search “Adobe Keith Haring”.