“A Mosaic of Peace and Justice” Mural In Culver City, CA

March 09, 2022

My team and I just finished painting a mural out on the west side of Culver City called “A Mosaic of Peace and Justice.” These themes are always relevant, especially with the war and heartbreaking atrocities in Ukraine. The messages in my art and murals are a statement about philosophy and intent that drive me, and I hope inspire others. Statements are great, but shaping a more just world takes action too. We all have to do our part. Thank you to all of you who care and make an effort. If you are in LA, you can check out the mural on the corner of Inglewood and Culver Blvd. Special thanks to Darryl Cherniss, Eddie Donaldson of Guerilla One, and my mural team, Rob Zagula, Luka Densmore, & Dan Flores, for making this happen!