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Amplifier's Democracy in Focus Kickstarter Launches TODAY!

TODAY, Amplifier Art launched the Democracy in Focus Kickstarter to face this truth with some new (old) technology with my first-ever coin! Our future feels like it hinges on a coin toss. Decisions will be made around the world on every continent next year that could tip the scales from empowered populations to authoritarian rule. In the U.S., we’re not immune. We’re entrenched in a culture war that is pouring gasoline on mis and disinformation campaigns, fueling voter suppression and voter purges. Ongoing gerrymandering works openly to assure entire communities have their political voice silenced.

The goal of this campaign is to raise money for rapid-response photojournalism grants via Amplifier Newsroom, to document threats to democracy leading up to 2024 elections. Support the campaign to ensure democracy is decided by informed choices, not fate. Check it out HERE.

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