Ree-Vo ‘Spacebox’ NØISE & Batbirds Remix 7″ Single 

February 04, 2022

I was introduced to Ree-Vo by my bandmate from NØISE, Joe Cassidy. I really liked Ree-Vo’s fusion of trip-hop, hip-hop, and electro, so when Joe asked if we’d (NØISE) be interested in doing a remix of the song “Space Box” and if I’d be willing to do the art for a limited 7-inch of the track, I said “yes” enthusiastically! This all happened at the beginning of the pandemic, which opened up some free time for passion projects. The Ree-Vo guys suggested the art for the 7-inch reference The Carpenters (70s soft rock), which I thought was a fun and unexpected thing to tackle with graphics and illustration. I think the end result is fun and strong on both the music and the art. Unfortunately, Joe Cassidy, the catalyst for this project, tragically passed away from pneumonia last summer. This release holds a special place for me because it is the last collaboration between me, Joe, and NØISE.

**PRE SALE*** Limited Edition 7″ Red Vinyl NOW on Bandcamp – Album release February 25th.


In 2021 Bristol Hip-Hop duo Ree-Vo released two singles from their forthcoming album ‘All Welcome On Planet Ree-Vo’. The first was the Electro-Hop, LFO-surfing ‘Combat’ with a remix by SURGEON.  The second -dropped as a digital double A-side in December – was the dark, submersive ‘Groove With It’ remixed by New Jersey’s legendary Dälek and ‘Protein’ remixed by The Bug (who released what many considered to be 2021’s album of the year ‘Fire’).

Ree-Vo begin 2022 in contrast with this their hookiest track on their album, a party throwing chorus spinning tipsy visitors around the intergalactic control booth of mission control.

“Lift off, blast off, shirt off, pants off, bra off, Dance off! Naked in the dance hall SPACE BOX!”

is the beamed mantra, rapper Relly transmitting to all occupants of the galaxy. 

“We wanted to make a hedonistic and colourful dancehall track, a bold response to the suppressive circumstances of the last two years”.

Helping them on this seven’s mission are two remixes, one by NØISE (the musical collective of Joe Cassidy, Shepard Fairey, Merritt Lear and John Goff) and BATBIRDS (the duo of Joe Cassidy and Aaron Miller). Common to both of course is Joe Cassidy who recorded for Dell’Orso (as well as Rough Trade and Dedicated) as Butterfly Child. These mixes were made at the end of 2020, the record sent off to print in February 2021, five months before Joe’s incredibly sad departure from this planet, at least physically. So for all of us involved it’s a very bittersweet release, but another piece of art that Joe was undoubtedly thrilled to be involved with. 

You can watch the poPart video for the NØISE side made by Bobby Klang here –

Listen to the NØISE, BATBIRDS and original album versions here – 


Relly is known in the Bristol community for his links to the city’s major club nights, compering stages at St Paul’s Carnival, his classic 2018 LP with DJ Rogue (‘Let Them Know’) and his passionate social work with Bristol’s most disadvantaged.

Andy (Spaceland) Jenks has been involved in Bristol bass music beginning with Static Sound Systemand a collaborative 12” with Rudy Tambala (A.R Kane) before his group Alpha were signed to Massive Attack’s label Melankolic (also becoming one of their tour DJs). He also currently releases music with US producer Butch Vig and is working on new tracks with Mark Stewart (The Pop Group).