Screen Print
Edition of 450
February 16, 2016
$50 - Sold Out


“Zoolander is one of my favorite movies, so I was really excited when I heard that a sequel was in the works! I have met Ben Stiller a few times and let him know how much I love Zoolander. I guess flattery occasionally gets you somewhere, because I was asked to do a Derek Zoolander t-shirt graphic to be used in a scene in Zoolander No. 2! Of course I got to work immediately trying to illustrate a ridiculously good-looking ridiculous portrait of Derek. The Zoolander team liked my t-shirt design enough to ask me to do some more portraits of Derek for the Blu-ray release of the original Zoolander film! I gladly accepted with one condition… that I be allowed to make a limited edition screen-printed poster of the portrait. The not-to-be-missed movie, “Zoolander No. 2”, comes out this Fri., Feb. 12, and the “Zoolander Blue Steel” print comes out Tues. Feb. 16. I asked Derek Zoolander what he thought of the print, and he was kind enough to share some words of wisdom.”

– Shepard

“I have been a huge fan of Shepherd Fairy since before I was super-famous and was just regular famous. To me, he’s not just an artist — he’s like a wisdom-y shepherd who squirts magical fairy-ink (Though I’ll never understand why he makes all those pictures of Andre 3000 the Giant. There are other rapper-slash-actors, Shepherd!). So I was super stoked when he asked me to be the subject of his new work of artwork, “Zoolander Blue Steel.” I’m no art critic, but I think what he made is really good and nice. Now, why Blue Steel for this portrait and not, say, Magnum? Well, Magnum means “large” in Spanish, and this is a small, limited-edition run of 450 prints. Purchase one or a few hundred, won’t you? Art makes you cultured, and being cultured is not just good for Greek yogurt but also for people (both Greek and regular).”

– Derek Zoolander


Zoolander Blue Steel. 18 inches by 24 inches screen print. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Limited numbered edition of 450 prints. $50. Release Date: Tuesday, February 16 at 10AM PST in Prints.