Wind Chases the Sun

Screen Print
18 x 24 inches
Edition of 450
December 1, 2011
$65 - Sold Out


I have worked with a few Native American rights and advocacy groups over the years in an effort to combat, and raise awareness about, the pervasive injustice Native Americans have experienced historically. I have also learned about the miscarriage of justice in the Leonard Peltier case. Peltier, a member of the American Indian Movement, was accused and convicted of killing two FBI agents during a shoot out  on the Pine Ridge reservation in 1975 even though no witnesses identified him as the shooter and ballistics were inconclusive. I have created a poster for a documentary about Leonard Peltier’s case called WIND CHASES THE SUN. Proceeds from this print go to the defense committee for Leonard Peltier. Find out more about Leonard and the film here.


18 x 24 inch Screen Print.  Signed and numbered edition of 450.  $65.  Proceeds will help fund the defense of Leonard Peltier.  Limit 1 per person / household.

Photo by Jeff Scott

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