18 inches by 24 inches
Edition of 300
August 10, 2023
$80 - Sold Out


I’ve been a fan of Andy Warhol’s art since high school. At first, his works’ iconic nature and sophisticated color theory attracted me. As I learned more about him, I developed an appreciation for Warhol’s philosophy to bring art to a broader audience by using imagery from pop culture and working with musicians like the Velvet Underground and founding Interview Magazine. Warhol additionally made himself part of the pop art conversation by socializing prolifically and making self-portraits. I have made several tributes to Warhol over the years, including playful remixes of some of his images. When Karen Bystedt showed me her photos of Warhol from 1982, I was captivated by his piercing gaze straight into the lens. I felt compelled to make art based on Karen’s photo, and I’m grateful she allowed me to work from her wonderful picture! Translating photos into captivating art that further amplifies the subject’s power is exactly what Warhol did, so I feel this art piece is fittingly “Warholesque” by aiming for the same.

“While at NYU film school in the ’80s, an ambitious young photographer/ artist Karen Bystedt enrolled Andy Warhol to do a sitting for her book on the era’s “sexiest male models,” NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE (NAL) 1983

During her extraordinary photoshoot in the conference room at the “last factory” at Union Square, the artist, model, Warhol, who wasn’t typically known for his connection to the camera broke convention, connecting with Bystedt’s lens in a way that was iconic.

For 25 years, a cardboard box lay forgotten in an old garage in Los Angeles, housing the hidden modeling negatives of the Andy Warhol. In 2011, the box was discovered by KB Bystedt, sparking a profound journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.”

Shepard and I are both deeply connected to Warhol, and share in his innovative portraiture. We partnered for this print, commemorating what would be his 96th birthday. Shepard’s artwork based on my photograph of Andy Warhol is brilliant and I hope it will inspire you as it has me.
Karen Bystedt

Warhol Collage (Color) and Warhol Collage (Silver). 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on thick cream Speckletone paper. Original Illustration based on photograph by Karen Bystedt. Signed by Shepard Fairey and Karen Bystedt. Numbered edition of 300. Comes with a Digital Certificate of Authenticity provided by VerisartA limited amount of matching numbered sets will be available for $160. Sold Separately for $80. To commemorate Andy Warhol’s August 6th birth date, we are releasing these prints this Thursday, August 3rd at 10 AM PDT at https://store.obeygiant.com. Max order: 1 per customer/household. International customers are responsible for import fees due upon delivery (Except UK orders under $160).⁣ ALL SALES FINAL.