Wake Up Earth Letterpress

10 inches by 13 inches
Edition of 500
August 6, 2020
$65 - Sold Out


This Wake Up Earth letterpress is an urge for us all to be alert, conscious, and analytical. Disinformation, division, and apathy have led to the weakening of pillars of our democracy, an ineffective response to Covid-19, and a lack of meaningful action on environmental destruction and climate change. We accomplish amazing things when we unite and focus on constructive goals, planting seeds, and nurturing them together until they bloom. There are many crucial things going on that demand us to wake up, mobilize, and live with our eyes and minds open! This print applies to many things, but I’ve chosen to donate proceeds to the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) to support their work toward legislation that protects the environment for all of our futures. Thanks for caring!

By the way, this letterpress was printed by Aardvark Letterpress with whom I just completed a special letterpress print to commemorate their 50th anniversary as a family-owned LA business… more info about that coming soon!