The Last Mountain

Screen Print
18 x 24 inches
Edition of 450
June 14, 2011
$55 - Sold Out


On Wednesday June 15th the film will open at the Landmark in Los Angeles.  Bobby Kennedy Jr. and director Bill Haney will be doing a Q and A after the 7:20pm show.  More info HERE

The big fossil energy corporations keep telling us we have no choice and simply must keep destroying communities(with mountaintop coal mining), spewing pollution and causing 10’s-of-1000’s of illnesses and deaths in the US(with mercury, arsenic, ozone, etc., etc.) and endangering the planet with CO2 — and all just to boil some water to make electricity. But it’s a lie-¦ Even in the heart of coal country in WV, they have a vision and want to see a wind-farm on their ridges, rather than dismantling the mountains for coal.

There’s a great new film, “The Last Mountain” which tells this amazing story. The film opens tomorrow, June 3rd in NY and DC. Check here for release dates in your area.

The film features Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and many incredible activists who are fighting Big Coal and proving that it will take a lot of heart to move the country forward. But we know it can be done — Germany just proved that today. But with the fossil fuel industry twisting democracy to their advantage, it’s going to take some action on our part!

For more info on the film, visit or

Theater bookers say people are tired of environmental films, let’s prove them wrong!

Print release onTuesday June 7, 2011 at a random time. Edition of 450, $55.    A portion of the proceeds will help support the film and some of the activist groups in WV.   Image portions based on a reference photograph by J Henry Fair.  SOLD OUT