Paradise Lost

18 inches by 24 inches
Edition of 575
April 21, 2022
$80 - Sold Out


I recently collaborated on this “Paradise Lost” print for Earth Day with my friend, art assistant, and fine artist Nicholas Bowers. Nic made the painting of a parrot, to which I added some of my work. It was a lot of fun combining our two styles! Here is what Nic has to say about the art:

“In my recent work, I’ve been contemplating the hierarchy of humans within the animal kingdom and our relationship with the place we call home and the species who share that home. The multiple years of the pandemic reconnected me with nature and recaptured those moments when I had strayed away. The simple act of hiking with my son reminded me of the fantastic gift of mother nature’s complicated yet simple pleasures. Earth was there, reminding me of her incredible force and vulnerable fragility. Yet, there’s an ongoing disconnect between our roles within the pecking order. We have positioned ourselves at the top without understanding the responsibilities and repercussions. As much as we take from her, we should give back in double. So, for this Earth day, find a mountain trail or a beach blanket and let her remind you of why she should be protected. Our continual kinship will keep her in a state of balance.”
-Nicholas Bowers

Paradise Lost – Nicholas Bowers x Shepard Fairey – 18 x 24 inches

I completely agree with what inspired Nic, and I’d only add that “Paradise Lost” is a warning, not an inevitability. We can all take helpful actions to rebalance paradise.

A portion of the revenue from these prints will go to Wild Woods Foundation in support of their programs to engage youth in nature and sustainability.

Paradise Lost. 18 x 24 inches. Signed by Shepard Fairey and Nicholas Kyle Bowers. Numbered edition of 575. $80. Proceeds go to The Wildwoods Foundation. Available on Thursday, April 21st @ 10 AM PDT at Max order: 1 per customer/household. International customers are responsible for import fees due upon delivery (Except UK).⁣ ALL SALES FINAL.