12 inches by 16 inches
Edition of 275
February 17, 2023
$95 - Sold Out


I’ve made a few Paint it Black themed images and this letterpress print was made especially for my New Clear Power show at AMUSEUM in Munich (up until the 30th of April).

Unfortunately, the topic remains in need of urgent action! In addition to referencing a great Rolling Stones song, Paint it Black is about oil dictating too much of our energy and foreign policy. Imagine if all the money spent on wars and strategic interests in the Middle East went to developing green energy alternatives. Instead, our government subsidizes the highly profitable oil and gas industries for $40 billion annually because no politician wants the blame for rising gas prices. Newsflash: we are still paying more for gas, whether it’s at the pump or through our taxes. The need for gas will remain, but we must invest in sustainable energy alternatives as we transition off the finite supply of fossil fuels that are also terrible for CO2 emissions. Proceeds from this print will go to Greenpeace USA to support its work to enhance environmental protections and combat climate change. A portion of the edition size will be sold on my website this Thursday, 2/16. Thanks for caring.