30 inches by 41 inches
Edition of 89
November 5, 2019


The evolution of Andre produced the simplified Obey icon face, the Obey star, and the Obey red box logo, which was inspired by the work of Barbara Kruger. These icons, along with various elements from the original sticker, became the building blocks of Shepard Fairey’s visual repertoire. Their repeated incorporation into the artwork is to mimic the strategic mechanism used by brands and advertising. The use of arrows and exclamation marks surrounding the Obey Icon Face in “Exclamation” borrows from the Russian Constructivist, Aleksander Rodchenko. Fairey was attracted to the idea of making an image look, “more important than it really is,” by using devices from potent propaganda. Description according to “Facing the Giant: Three Decades of Dissent” co-curator, Pedro Alonzo.

OBEY STAR. Serigraph on Coventry Rag, 100% Cotton Custom Archival Paper with hand-deckled edges. 30 x 41 inches. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 89. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.