Bauhaus (Silver)

Screen Print
18 x 24 inches
Edition of 150
March 26, 2008
$40 - Sold Out


18 x 24 inch Screen Print Signed Edition of 150.

Release Date: 03/26/08


I first heard Bauhaus in 1986 while attending the North Carolina School of the Arts summer program. I was already into US and UK punk, but this was my first exposure to “Goth” or Death Rock” culture. There were a few strange kids who wore all black, heavy eyeliner, and even a guy who wore a skirt. I wanted to dislike the goths, because they seemed to be trying too hard, but I was intrigued by their music. They carried around a boom box playing what I found out was music by Jesus and the Mary Chain, Love and Rockets, and Bauhaus. I especially liked Bauhaus’s “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and decided to get more of their music. Years later, after moving to Los Angeles, I met Bauhaus’ and Love and Rockets’ bassist David J. We became good friends and talked about music often. I got to hear a lot of great stories about Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, and I was very excited when David told me Bauhaus were reforming to play Coachella and do a tour. I saw the band at both Coachella and the Wiltern in LA. The shows were amazing, and I was overjoyed to see a band I thought I might never see perform. David mentioned to me that the chemistry Bauhaus felt on the tour had inspired them to work on a new album. Well apparently, the chemistry did not hold up, but lasted long enough to deliver Go Away White the first new Bauhaus record since -˜83. Honestly, I was a little nervous because it sucks when a great band tries to do an album after a long hiatus and it tarnishes their almost perfect legacy(think of the new Stooges album). On the contrary, Go Away White is every bit as good as vintage Bauhaus without sounding dated. David asked if I wanted to make some art to help promote the album. Of course I did and I ended up making a poster, sticker, and stencil graphic. People who purchase the Bauhaus poster also get a stencil and sticker. There is also a downloadable version of the stencil. I’m not sure what it will be, but David told me that Bauhaus will be giving a special prize to people who send in the best photos of how they have used the Bauhaus stencil. Send photos to and I’ll forward them to the band. The Bauhaus print and stencil package will cost $40 and will be released on March 26th.