AR-15 Lily Portugal

105 x 77 cm⁠
Edition of 100
November 16, 2021
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Exclusive print release, “AR-15 Lily Portugal” for subscribers of the Underdogs newsletter.

This “AR-15 Lily Portugal” print is inspired by the motif of the flower in the gun, a peace symbol used by U.S. war protestors who put flowers in the barrels of the National Guard’s guns during the Vietnam War era. I was happy that a symbolic motif that I’ve used in my work had a historical connection to the 1974 bloodless Carnation Revolution in Portugal, which ended a dictatorship and established democracy. I used colors in the “AR-15 Lily Portugal” that were common in posters celebrating the bloodless Carnation Revolution as a nod to that history. I’m a pacifist, whether that means finding diplomatic solutions to prevent and avoid war internationally or finding diplomatic solutions to prevent and avoid gun violence at home. 

“AR-15 Lily Portugal” ⁠
Edition of /100 + 15 AP⁠
Screen print on paper with hand-deckled edges⁠
Signed and numbered by the artist⁠
Cream Speckletone paper⁠
105 x 77 cm⁠