Obey Giant New Castle

“Dan Flores and I left LA with four suitcases full of posters on Sat. Sept. 23 and arrived in Newcastle at 7PM the following evening. We went straight to the museum and began working on a 70 foot by 14.5 foot installation. Over the next 2 days we slept a total of 6 hours and it was only on the day of the opening, when we had time for an afternoon nap, that I realized I did not know where the hotel light switch was because I had not yet been there at night. Somehow we managed to squeeze in a couple 10×20 foot installs at subway stations too. We then did a couple of days in London including an in-store. We did a lot more bombing I did not get flicks of. It was a productive trip. Thanks for being a trooper Dan.”

– Shepard