Guns N Roses????

I live in Austin, TX and my building was tagged with this during SXSW 2010. I loved it but wasn’t sure of the artist. Since, I have tons of people stopping to take pics saying it’s a Shepard Fairey. I don’t know if it is or a bootleg. If so, could you please confirm which? Also, we love it and want to preserve it but it’s quickly deteriorating from the elements. Any suggestions? If I can’t and it is his work, I would be honored to have it re-done or painted or anything to maintain it’s beauty. If it isn’t, I’ll do it anyway because it amazing to me. This is my first business and I’ve been working on it for two years. I’m broke and everything I have is going into this project, the city is going to sandblast my building before we open the doors because off all the graffiti. The city is trying to clean up this particular corridor in Austin. So what I’ll have to do, is re-create it(with something that will stand the test of time) or come up with another way to hold on