Shepard x Art Asylum Boston Gallery x Art 4 Hearts

October 08, 2010

My name has recently been used in conjunction with the Art 4 Hearts Auction, along with other artists. Neither Kinsey nor myself donated any art or money to the Art of Asylum Boston Gallery for any auctions, including the Art 4 Hearts auction. The auction was advertised as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. The AHA has no record of the donation. Additionally, Neither Kinsey nor myself have given permission to the gallery to display our art or use our names.

I have and will continue to donate art to charities. I am saddened to see that someone has exploited my track record of prior donations. Please rest assured that any charity event that is posted on our website has been reasonably vetted. The Arts 4 Hearts Auction should be viewed as the exception not the rule.
– Shepard

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