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Make America Smart Again Los Angeles Idiocracy Screening / Event RECAP

I’m still buzzing from Saturday’s #MakeAmericaSmartAgain screening of Idiocracy in Echo Park.  And now with the debate last night let’s just say, it’s a ripe time to watch the movie and also to do everything you can do to #MakeAmericaSmartAgain. My wife Amanda and I were inspired by watching Idiocracy as a wake-up call for what the reality of the future really could be.  We had no idea we’d be able to rally such a massive event AND that we’d be able to bring the creator and cast together for the first time in 10 years. Thank you so much Terry Crews, Dax Shepard and Mike Judge for being a part of the night! And thank you Elysa Koplovitz Dutton.  Not only that, we were equally lucky to be able to score the first-ever performance by TRD MRK (DJ Nu-Mark from Jurassic 5 & SlimKid3 formerly of THE PHARCYDE). I had a lot of fun, and the crowd was amazing, we had about 2,000 people there, food trucks, merch booth and there was even a patron who made homemade BRAWNDO! It was rad to watch as the crowd watched the movie for the first time or 100th time and enjoyed a picnic in the park with their community.  In addition to combatting voter apathy, we were also raising awareness and money for our beneficiary the Young Literati of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. I have to thank my team, all the guys at Studio Number One, Obey Giant, Subliminal Projects, and Pop & Circumstance; especially Sheri Timmons, Annie Pham and Victoria Yarnish.  Thank you also to all of our partners Obey Clothing, the Young Literati, FLOOD Magazine, Spaceland Presents, Rock the Vote, DeathAndTaxes, and Amoeba. And a huge thank you to Eat|See|Hear for producing the screening! Thanks for caring!  Watch Idiocracy! - Shepard "This is what is so great about this movie (Idiocracy)- the message is that you have to think for yourself. And this is what I think is so great about what Shepard and Amanda Fairey (Obey Giant) have done is really just encourage people to think for themselves. Don’t just go off smooth words and what you hear but actually look and examine and think and you will make the right decision.” -Terry Crews   322a7074322a7098322a7088322a7093322a7104322a7109 322a7110 322a7112322a7142 322a7154 322a7163 322a7180 322a7183 322a7192 322a7195322a7086322a7109322a7206 322a7211 322a7214 322a7216 322a7221 322a7225322a7246322a7233  322a7251 322a7260 322a7264 322a7269 322a7277 322a7280 322a7285 322a7290 322a7292 322a7295 322a7298 322a7312 322a7327 322a7336 322a7381 322a7435 322a7469
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