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Banned in Babylon - Part 2

We said it yesterday but still applies today - we're still catching our breath from this weekend's punk rock festivities.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support! We're keeping that PMA going by reliving the epicness through the photos. Check out more shots of our Banned in Babylon: The Art & Culture of Bad Brains show at Subliminal Projects.  Thank you Jon Furlong for the rad shots! 322A4628 322A4657 The kids are alright. 322A4695 Buds from The Shrine checking out the madness. 322A4781 322A4749 Trash Talk was insane.  We love those guys! 322A4883 Good to see all the Bad Brains tried and true like Ako and Atiba Jefferson and friends. 322A4830 322A4824 Moby playing Bad Brains. 322A4805 NUGE and friend 322A4792  322A4619 The show is up until August 20th, be sure to visit Subliminal Projects to check it out! 322A2626 THE Darryl Jenifer. 322A2470322A4739322A2463  322A4716 Two DJ's walk into an art show... Shepard with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Jonesy's Jukebox. 322A2468     322A4685 The Shrine + Bad Brains 322A2476322A4667 Thanks to Amanda and Shepard for putting on this amazing show! 322A2475322A4676 Shepard and X member and legend John Doe. 322A2472    322A2459  322A2545322A2556-2 Some shots from the Bad Brains rehearsal.
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