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24 x 36 inch offset poster on cream speckle tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Open edition (not numbered).

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School Asks Teachers To Take Down We The People Posters, Saying They're 'Anti-Trump'

"School administrators in a 93 percent white Maryland county recently asked high school teachers to take down pro-diversity posters from classrooms because they perceived them as 'political' and 'anti-Trump', a school spokesperson told The Huffington Post."

Please take a moment to read about this incident via The Huffington Post and the Carroll County Times.

The idea behind WE THE PEOPLE is that the concepts of equality, respect, and religious freedom are unassailable American values and non-partisan. I find it very disturbing that someone could find those ideas specifically, and by extension inclusion in general, to be partisan or problematic. Division has been a big issue for the nation, so the WE THE PEOPLE messages were intended to be things all Americans could unite behind. Taking offense to those images and slogans may unfortunately betray prejudices that the person who is offended would prefer to characterize as “partisan bias” rather than admit they don’t like the idea of true equality.  

- Shepard

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