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In late 2014, Huf and OBEY co-sponsored a European tour with the bands The Shrine, Dirty Fences and Death Alley. The Bless Off tour was comprised of 30 shows in 32 days in 13 countries. 3 photographers (Dennis Duijnhouwer, Olivia Jaffe and Rick Erfmann) covered the shows and the travels and this zine was created. We’ll be releasing the zine at the kick off of a US tour with the bands on April 3, 2015 at The Paper agency in LA.

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How teachers are funding gun companies against their will • The Real NRA #4 • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Breaking News: California teachers demand their money be taken out of gun companies. 

Two years after the largest teachers’ pension fund in the world, CalSTRS, voted to sell off all investments in firearm companies, they still have $500 million tied up with guns through Cerberus Capital Management.  Even after this vote to divest, Cerberus has kept the teachers’ money invested in gun manufacturer Bushmaster/Remington Outdoor Inc. – the company that made the gun used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Join with teachers to say enough is enough! Don’t let teachers’ dollars fund another school shooting!

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Justin Peck’s Heatscape opens today!

The Miami City Ballet opens today with Justin Peck’s Heatscape featuring my set design. I’m a big fan of Robert Rauschenberg who collaborated with Merce Cunningham, so the idea of collaborating with a choreographer in the same vein appealed to me. Beyond the historical association I mentioned, I’m a big fan of putting my work in front of people using unexpected platforms. The cross-pollination that can happen between the ballet and street art audiences is exciting to me. If you’re in the Miami area be sure to check out the show! – Shepard

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Click HERE to listen to Shepard and Justin talk with WLRN Miami about the ballet.

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The Music of David Lynch

I’m a big fan of David Lynch’s movies, art, and music so I was excited to be asked to create an image for the David Lynch Foundation, his Transcendental Meditation organization. This is the second time that I was asked to make something for the foundation, I also did the image for the David Lynch Foundation benefit concert featuring Paul McCartney at Radio City Music Hall back in 2009.
I think David is a unique personality as well as someone with a unique look.  It is great to try to capture him in an illustration because he is such an icon.  This is a solid organization to support, so if you purchase the print consider it as a win-win, you get a poster and support a worthwhile cause.
The lineup for “The Music of David Lynch” is awesome, so check it out next Wednesday, April 1 at The Ace Theater in downtown Los Angeles. There are a very limited number of the VIP tickets left.  If you’re interested check it out here.

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It’s Gonna Blow!!! San Diego music underground documentary

San Diego had a rich music underground in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s Gonna Blow!!! is the first documentary to chronicle these unique DIY happenings and their relation to the mainstream. With only 65 hours left, check out the films Kickstarter; the impressive roster of artists and musicians featured in the film, and secure yourself a copy!

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Support the Melvin’s Colossus of reality documentary!

The Melvins are one of my all-time favorite bands! Let’s help make this documentary a reality! – Shepard

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18 x 24 inch screen print on cream speckle tone paper.  Signed and numbered edition of 450.  $45

Limit one per person/household.

Available March 24, 2015 at a random time between 10am and 11am PST in PRINTS.

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Art Alliance: The Provocateurs in Austin – March 2016

I’m pleased to announce we’ll be doing Art Alliance; The Provocateurs in Austin – March 2016. You can expect an evolution of what we did in Chicago last summer with dozens of internationally acclaimed artists to show new and original work, inside and outside of our spaces. www.theprovocateurs.com

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Take action, save democracy, join Mayday v2!

We have to take action to reduce the influence of money in politics in order for our democracy to work properly! Check out Mayday.us V2 and their plan to get our country back on the right track. I also made a short cameo in their new video below. This is an issue that affects all of us. No one is exempt. Thanks for caring! – Shepard

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Super Limited Edition Book Release

A Super Limited Edition art book featuring a piece I created with my friend National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey is being released today. Only 50 of these signed and numbered silk screen box sets, which contain Aaron’s book, All My Relations (photographs from 7 years on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) will ever be sold. They also include a limited edition fine art print of Aaron’s, a second silk-screened box containing 16 drawings by a medicine man and as well as his letter-pressed oral histories, drawings from an inmate at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, and many original photographic artifacts. You can see all the contents of this museum in a box at Outsider Books. These will sell very fast and will be released in 3 stages, each increasing in price. The first set will be released this morning by Outsider Books on their website. A portion of proceeds will benefit Honor the Treaties – an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous communities through art and advocacy.

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