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24 x 36 inches. Offset print on thick white paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Open edition. $30. Purchase limit of 5 per person/household.

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Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, a tragedy that took the lives of 1,100 garment workers in Bangladesh in 2013. We now refer to this day as Fashion Revolution Day, and use it as a time to reflect on how we can respect the process of how the clothes we wear are made. Im proud to join OBEY Clothing and the fellow Fair Trade activists including Rose Marcario (CEO of Patagonia),  Kelly Slater (Pro Surfer), and Nancy Green (CEO of Athleta) to kick off Fashion Revolution Week.
Social responsibility and justice have always been very important to Obey in both message and practice. A longstanding challenge for OBEY Clothing has been how to bring high quality clothing to our customers at an affordable price while adhering to our moral code from a human labor standpoint. In other words, how do we reconcile our value system with the pressures of the economic system? We have always researched diligently and chosen to work with manufacturers who provide a fair wage and ethical working conditions. We made the further step to become an official FAIR TRADE USA partner. Fair Trade is a program in apparel and we hope to grow with it as more Fair Trade Approved factories become available. Our hope is not only to benefit the workers of the Fair Trade factories, but to lead by example and promote the expansion of the Fair Trade program. - Shepard
You can shop the Fair Trade Collection now on ObeyClothing.com! Available for both men and women
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