Obey Giant Headlines



The show is coming along nicely so far. Just some updates about whats going on in the interwebs. Obey Clothing UK has some great pictures of what has been going around london lately. They are a little artsy fartsy pictures but you can get the idea. Go check them out, obeyclothing.co.uk.

Supertouch has some more pictures. And some pictures of Shepard with SEEN in London.

Thats it, see you in London!

OBEY Takeover at Gloria’s

If you are in East London this Wednesday, you need to come to Gloria’s where Obey will be taking over! There is going to be some exclusive obey clothing Holiday product not available anywhere else in Europe. Whos going to go as Shepard Fairey?

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Obey Hits London

With over a hundred and fifty pieces to be hung in the Stolen Space Gallery, Shepard’s new show Ninteeneigthyforia opening on the 1st of November is going to be overwhelming to say the least with a mix of new unseen work and past work. If you live or are visiting London keep on eye out for pieces on the streets.

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Shepard in the news

Shepard Fairey: Poster boy

Here is the first press about Shepard being in London.

Shepard Fairey: Poster boy

Stolen Space Preview

A little preview of the upcoming show. This show is going to be sick, if you are in London make sure to head over to check it out.

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Herve the Dwarf has a Posse


For everyone across the pond who missed out on Shepard’s momentous exhibition in June in New York City, here is your chance to experience the OBEY phenomenon in person. Shepard and crew will be in LONDON, November 1st with an exhibition of works entitled “NINETEENEIGHTYFOURIA”, Presented by STOLENSPACE Gallery at the Truman Brewery. Do not miss this exhibition.

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QBN lecture at the Getty Video

Here is a video of Shepard Fairey giving his QBN lecture at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Da Movement’s debut at Coat of Arms; FRIDAY

Da Movement’s debut rocked during NYC’S Fall Fashion Week at Columbus Park and it’s next endeavor is this Friday, where Da Movement invades the L.E.S’s newest clothing store jump off!! Coat of Arms from 6pm to 9pm. Check out the flyer for all the details. Shepard Fairey, JB Classics, Toy Cube… and way more!

Coat of Arms: http://www.coatofarmsnyc.com/map.html

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WATCH Shepard on the Henry Rollins Show

If you missed Shepard Fairey on the Henry Rollins show on IFC. Now is your chance to watch it online.

Just head over to http://ifc.com/series?aId=20910 and watch it.