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A More Perfect Union

Barak Obama delivered this speech Tuesday in Philadelphia having written into the wee hours of the morning. These words are not those of speech writers or consultants, but his own. I would like everyone to read the speech because I think it reflects the wisdom, depth, analysis, and reality based positivity of Barack Obama. Please take a few moments to read it. Thanks.


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Sticker Robot has teamed up with Obey Giant to print and sell Shepard Fairey’s acclaimed Obama “Hope” stickers. We are offering them cheap, because the more that get out there the better.

Stickers are 4″ x 6″ and printed with a UV-coated silkscreen pantone process, which means they are outdoor quality and as durable as they get.

Any proceeds from the sales of the Obama “Hope” stickers will go towards creating more campaign stickers by other artists in support of Barack Obama’s bid for President.

You can buy the stickers here.


In it’s fifth mixtape installment, OBEY Records presents The Gaslamp Killer Box Set featuring an exclusive CD mixtape, along with a split seven inch (tracks by The GLK and up and coming artist, Free The Robots.) After a tremendous musical barrage in 2007, OBEY takes a step further into the deeper, darker world of sound, educating those that pop isn’t the only thing to listen to and that life can’t be appreciated without a bit of murder and death.The Gaslamp Killer (William Bensussen), Los Angeles based DJ/Producer, Low End Theorist, and Dublab Radio resident, is not your conventional artist. What separates him from the rest of the herd is his extensive knowledge in psychedelic rock, demonic bass-heavy Hip-Hop, Middle-Eastern/ Indian rare grooves, and ear-piercing helicopter breaks. The energy during his live sets resonates through crowds, taking you to the filthiest psyche/freak-out you’ve ever been on. He’s earned the respect of eclectic heavy-hitters and has shared the stage with Digable Planets, Broadcast, M.F. Doom, Thievery Corporation, and many others. “I just brought the hardest records I own to the studio and I just started putting everything together. Now it’s time to share it with you…” The Gaslamp Killer “My art for the Gaslamp Killer mix was inspired by Theo Jemison’s photograph of The GLK’s face, combined with his music and personality. The GLK is into dark and psychedelic sounds, so that, combined with his name, called for a hippie/horror salad tossed with a blood vinaigrette. The flavor was only enhanced by the Gaslamp Killer’s more sinister personal look, having shaved his dreads and grown an unruly beard and sideburns combo worthy of the most savage maniacs. You must wade through boiling pools of blood to get to the promised land, but the journey the Gaslamp Killer takes you on is all part of the destination.”-Shepard FaireyThe OBEY/GLK screenprint and cd package will be available on March 19th.

The Box set and t-shirt are available at premiere music and clothing shops worldwide.

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Check it out! I got a thank you note from Barack Obama. If he is elected, maybe I have a get out of jail free card. All kidding aside, I’m honored to be acknowledged by someone so important to the future of our country. Also, the Obama campaign asked me to do a poster illustration for sale on their site. It should be out next week on barackobama.com.-Shepard

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Bob Mould

Bob Mould was the guitar player and co-songwriter of Husker Du, one of the most progressive hardcore/indy bands of the 80’s . Originally one of the most successful bands on SST records, they were one of the first American indie bands to sign to a major label and are credited with paving the way for bands like Sonic Youth, The Pixies, and Nirvana. I borrowed Husker Du’s Zen Arcade album from a friend my 10th grade year and quickly collected the rest of their catalog. I especially recommend their album Flip Your Wig. After Husker Du broke up Bob went on to form Sugar and now performs solo. His new album District Line is awesome. Check it out at www.bobmould.com. The edition is 500 with 250 available through Obey Giant and 250 going to Bob’s tour.

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If you missed out on getting the hope and progress posters, you can still help out the obama campaign by printing out your own obama paster here.


THE 008, SHEPARD FAIREY PARTNERS WITH UPPER PLAYGROUND TO SUPPORT BARACK OBAMASAN FRANCISCO, February 25, 2008 – In an ongoing effort to secure Democratic hopeful Barack Obama’s presidential bid, The 008, Shepard Fairey and Upper Playground are working together to create t-shirts of Fairey’s popular Obama campaign posters to be distributed throughout Texas prior to the primary on March 4, 2008. In the past month, Fairey announced his endorsement of Obama by creating a limited run of posters adorned with a portrait of the Senator along with the words “Hope” and “Progress” that have become defining slogans of his campaign.Shepard Fairey and Upper Playground will be offering the t-shirts for purchase at Upper Playground stores and online through www.UpperPlayground.com. The t-shirts are available in both a “Hope” and “Progress” edition and they each retail for $25. All proceeds from the sales of the Shepard Fairey/Upper Playground collaborative Obama t-shirt will go directly to creating more campaign t-shirts, posters, and stickers by other artists in support of Obama’s bid for President

You can purchase these shirts here.

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Alva: 77 Neo-Retro

Tony Alva was the first guy to catch air out of a pool on a skateboard. That moment, documented by Glen E. Friedman (www.burningflags.com) about 6 months after Glen’s photo below, changed skateboarding forever. Alva’s (the man and the company) impact on skate culture is immeasurable. The second skateboard I ever got back in 1984 was an Alva board. I rode many Alva boards over the years and even got to skate with some of the Alva pros including Tony himself at various points. It is a tremendous honor for me to be able to collaborate on a print with Glen and Tony, both of whom I admire greatly. The prints will first be available at the Alva store, and then on obeygiant.com/store.


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Hope / Elysian Park

“I may seem Obama obsessed as of late, but after two terms with Bush, Obama is someone to feel optimistic about and is worthy of a good bit of my energy. I’m well beyond jaded hipster posturing these days anyway. My enthusiasm seems to be infectious. My friend Derick Swinfard of Monster Media Inc. was kind enough to donate a 16×30 foot banner for the side of the new Studio Number One office in Echo Park at 1331 Sunset. Also, Reuben Raffael of Sticker Robot www.stickerobot.com printed 50,000 Obama stickers at cost. 1331 Sunset will also house the expanded Subliminal Projects gallery. Learn more at www.subliminalprojects.com.”-Shepard
If you missed out on getting this print, you can print out your own here

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Harmony in My Head

Tuesday I’ll be the guest DJ on Henry Rollin’s show “Harmony in My Head” along with legendary skateboarder Tony Alva. The show is on LA’s indie 103.1 FM. If you are not in LA listen online at www.indie1031.fm. Expect to hear a lot of punk rock and stories about skateboarding. I can say that I may have had an insider advantage getting the gig considering that I did the indie 103.1 logo and I have done art for Rollins. It is no coincidence that Tony Alva is my co-host. Tony and I recently collaborated on a poster. The poster is my illustration of a photo of Tony from 1977 by photographer Glen E. Friedman who has captured amazing iconic moments in skateboarding, punk rock, and hip hop. Check out his site www.burningflags.com. To celebrate the release of the Alva collaboration, we will be doing a party/art opening Sat. March 8 at the Alva store at 1086 S. Fairfax. The posters as well as some fine art pieces will be available. The posters will be available online March 11. They are signed by me, Tony, and Glen.


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