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Story on Monday on NPR

There will be an NPR national broadcast with me talking about the Obama stuff Mon. morning.


Here in LA, our program airs on KPCC FM 89.3 FM from 9 – 10 am. And all of our stories get archived online. You can listen to it at www.npr.org/daytoday/.

Local Heroes Warehouse Party with Crystal Castles

Warehouse of dance music in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We’ve taken over two warehouses on Imperial between 6th and 7th, set up three stages, and will have the place creating noise complaints until they force us to leave.

FREE COLT 45 until 11PM with food and drinks available all night along with music and diversions…

Skullphone (skullphone.com) will be providion visuals along with other local Los Angeles artists.

Early birds will receive gifts from Obey, Iheartcomix, So Sweet Records, Scion, and more!

Get there early for free street parking. There is also valet parking available on Santa Fe and Jessie…

Artists: CRYSTAL CASTLES, Fat Lip (Pharcyde), Justin Martin, Them Jeans, Jason Emsley, Mr. White, DJ Skeet Skeet, Classixx, Acid Circus, Hollywood Holt (DJ Set), Acid Girls, DJ Diabetic (Shepard Fairey), Cosmic Kids, Trevor Labrelle, and Alex Dyer

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Gaslamp Killer Record Release Party

On Wednesday, April 2nd, Low End Theory presents the official Los Angeles record release party for Gaslamp Killer’s I Spit On Your Grave CD/7-inch release on OBEY Records. To honor this special occasion, we’re bringing you DJ sets from Flying Lotus, Sam I Yam and Kutmah. All residents (Daddy Kev, Nobody, D-Styles, Gaslamp Killer and Nocando) will also be in the house. Now please be aware that Airliner is STILL going through zoning issues with L.A. city, so the back area will be CLOSED again.

Bummer, we know! With the limited capacity, early arrival is highly suggested.



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The first solo US exhibition of legendary street artist Blek le Rat is opening on April 5th at the new Subliminal Projects location. There has been a lot of buzz about the gallery’s grand re-opening and the exhibition and Blek has been putting in some work to make this a great debut. For more information about Blek, and his impact on the street art world, please visit www.subliminalprojects.com.

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Obama Philly

Sales of the Obama T-shirts through Upper Playground funded these bus shelter ads in Philly. You might be saying… “supporting a political candidate, paying for ads, what is Obey thinking?” Well, we’re thinking that helping to put Obama in office is one of the most subversive things we could be doing. To see for yourself, check out his policies at barackobama.com


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OBEY and Metropark are empowering the people with a chance to submit original artwork.

The people will have a chance to vote on their favorite t-shirt designs. One men’s grand prize & one women’s grand prize.

The winners will have their t-shirt designs produced exclusively by Obey Clothing for Metropark. Runners up will also receive obey clothing and Metropark gift cards.

check out http://www.metroparkusa.com/obey/ for more information.

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I first heard Bauhaus in 1986 while attending the North Carolina School of the Arts summer program. I was already into US and UK punk, but this was my first exposure to “Goth” or Death Rock” culture. There were a few strange kids who wore all black, heavy eyeliner, and even a guy who wore a skirt. I wanted to dislike the goths, because they seemed to be trying too hard, but I was intrigued by their music. They carried around a boom box playing what I found out was music by Jesus and the Mary Chain, Love and Rockets, and Bauhaus. I especially liked Bauhaus’s “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and decided to get more of their music. Years later, after moving to Los Angeles, I met Bauhaus’ and Love and Rockets’ bassist David J. We became good friends and talked about music often. I got to hear a lot of great stories about Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, and I was very excited when David told me Bauhaus were reforming to play Coachella and do a tour. I saw the band at both Coachella and the Wiltern in LA. The shows were amazing, and I was overjoyed to see a band I thought I might never see perform. David mentioned to me that the chemistry Bauhaus felt on the tour had inspired them to work on a new album. Well apparently, the chemistry did not hold up, but lasted long enough to deliver “Go Away White” the first new Bauhaus record since ’83. Honestly, I was a little nervous because it sucks when a great band tries to do an album after a long hiatus and it tarnishes their almost perfect legacy(think of the new Stooges album). On the contrary, “Go Away White” is every bit as good as vintage Bauhaus without sounding dated. David asked if I wanted to make some art to help promote the album. Of course I did and I ended up making a poster, sticker, and stencil graphic. People who purchase the Bauhaus poster also get a stencil and sticker. There is also a downloadable version of the stencil. I’m not sure what it will be, but David told me that Bauhaus will be giving a special prize to people who send in the best photos of how they have used the Bauhaus stencil. Send photos to obeygiant.com and I’ll forward them to the band. The Bauhaus print and stencil package will cost $4o and will be released on March 26th.

Recorded in 18 days, some tracks in one take, Bauhaus’ fifth studio album proves that even a quarter-century’s hiatus can’t kill a great band, especially if it was undead to begin with. There’s no trickery here apart from the sinister seduction of Peter Murphy’s ever-deepening Transylvanian croon and the bare, live style makes the band’s heirs even more apparent. There’s PJ Harvey in David J’s swamp-blues bass; Nirvana in the shrieking, submerged guitar of Daniel Ash. But the quartet doesn’t compose or perform like elder statesmen: ”International Bullet Proof Talent” and ”Endless Summer of the Damned” are as spry and visceral as its first material. If the band had released a bunch of meandering albums during the past 25 years, you might call ”Go Away White” a return to form. Instead, it picks up right where Bauhaus left off: a wet dream for original fans and a blast of recognition for the newly eye-lined. –Billboard

It is virtually impossible to imagine the last 30 years of rock music without the influence of Bauhaus. They have inspired countless bands and have mesmerized the masses with their ability to be simultaneously sparse, dark, anthemic, and glam. With their new album, entitled Go Away White, Peter Murphy Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins have created an album as exciting and relevant as their earlier work. Echoes of Bauhaus have been heard in the work of their heirs and imitators for the past few decades and 25 years after their last studio release the band have returned with yet another undiluted glimpse into their world.

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Alva show

If you missed the art show at the Alva Gallery, check it out some pictures of the fine art here: www.exhibitagallery.com


DJ’ing wasn’t all I did in Austin during SXSW. I made time for an installation on my friend Billy Bishop’s building. Billy’s also the guy who first brought me to Austin for an art show back in ’99. Thanks Billy and Obsolete Industries.


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Iraq War News

Sure enough, like I thought all along, the PENTAGON found no link between Iraq and Al Qaeda. The Bush Administration justified the war with the alleged Iraq connection to Al Qaeda and Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”(a vague term coined to generate fear), both which have now been proven false. So there go a bunch of lives and huge amounts of money for nothing… depressing.


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