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It’s that time again, the Obey Clothing 2015 Warehouse sale is here! Click more to check out the flyer below or head on over to Obey Clothing for more details! Click here.

When and where?

Saturday, June 27tth from 7AM to 7PM, and Sunday, June 28th from 7AM to 5PM at THE OBEY HQ – 2722 Michelson Dr., Irvine, CA 92612.

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Urban Nation Presents: Project M/8 “Freedom” show in Berlin!

I’m pleased to be showing works alongside my friends Cyrcle, D*Face, and others for Urban Nations: Project M/8 “Freedom” show. If you’re in Berlin, be sure to stop by opening reception this Saturday June 20th from 7-10pm! Click more below to see the flyer / info.

In addition, I will be joining artists from this show for a panel discussion on “The Impact of Urban Art In Inner City Environments” in Berlin Mitte on Friday June 19th. Get the details HERE!

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Included below is an e-mail exchange between Mr. Bradley Carlson of Miami, Florida.  Mr. Carlson reached out to Shepard to share his viewpoints and concern with how Shepard’s recent commentary about President Obama could and has been taken out of context and used for the benefit of the Republican rhetoric.

We believe this is a healthy discussion and with a considerable amount of attention on the subject matter, felt it compelling to share publicly.  Please take a moment to read this.  Thanks Brad for your thoughtful dialogue.

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Germany Update / New Munich Mural pics!

I just completed a new mural in Munich. Thank you to Positive Propaganda and thanks of course to my crew for the help. Check out the pictures below by Jon Furlong / Obey Clothing, and stay tuned for more updates soon. Now on to Berlin! Be sure to keep checking for updates here!

In addition to another mural and a group show in Berlin, check out the VNA / Urban Nation panel discussion on Friday, June 19th – more details HERE.

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Art has the ability to effect the heart through the eyes first, and then the head will follow. I’m always hoping that every piece that I do will make a difference, effect how people think about an issue, potentially become a banner for a cause, and that is very ambitious but what’s the point of doing it at all if I’m not going for it.

I had a great experience working with Library Street Collective in Detroit for my exhibition “Printed Matters.” It was such an amazing experience to be able to create a 185-foot mural, do street installations at The BELT, and have a gallery show with them. Check out this really well done video which I think encapsulates the whole experience. There are also links to be able to do a virtual tour of the show up in their two galleries which is pretty cool.

Thanks for your support!

– Shepard

Also, I wanted to share the 3D models of the exhibition in each space. Take a look:

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Urban Nation and VNA Magazine in association with StolenSpace Gallery present a panel discussion with Maya Hayuk, D*Face Art, and Shepard Fairey and Urban Nation Director Yasha Young in this #ProjectM educational initiative to discuss the Impact of Urban Art in Inner City Environments. 
To join the discussion in Berlin Mitte on Friday 19th June, 19.30-21.30, RSVP to: urban-nation@plantage.de

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Jane Birkin’s bag as seen on Artnet

I’m far less excited about people spending gobs of money, I mean, record-setting amounts of money, on hand bags than I am about promoting human rights in Burma, but this article has both! Check out my Aung San Suu Kyi sticker on Jane Birkin’s bag! Props to Jane Birkin.

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Support Einstein on the Beach!

Director John Walter is completing his documentary on Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s avant-garde opera Einstein on the Beach. The film THE EARTH MOVES: A documentary about Einstein on the Beach is on the verge of completion but Walter has launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish the film and release it. Philip Glass created the powerful music soundtrack for the films Powaqqatsi and Koyaanisqatsi which were impactful films with incredibly strong environmental messages. I want to support this particularly because Chuck Close’s portrait of Philip Glass compelled me to want to draw really really well at an early age. I have a very vivid memory of going to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and staring at that portrait for more than an hour when I was 10-years-old. This documentary needs to see the light of day. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and support it however you can. Thanks! – Shepard

Side bar image by Chuck Close, Phil, 1969 courtesy of Whitney Museum of American Art

Support The Olympic Auditorium Project!

My friend Robert Benavides is working on a feature length documentary about the history of the LA Auditorium. Awesome people from Muhammad Ali to Andre the Giant to Black Flag and Rage Against the Machine did their thing there. The place is an important part of LA history and the history of our culture, so please help them reach their Kickstarter goal so they can complete the film!

Help support here!

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The Shrine shred!

Josh Landau from the band The Shrine sent me this pic of him skating a very nice looking backyard pool. I was happy to see the “OBEY” graffiti in the pool since skateboarding saved my life… it was my gateway to punk, hip-hop, metal, stencil-making, running from cops, and various other forms of rebellion. Check out The Shrine, they are influenced by both Black Flag and Sabbath, with a dash of Thin Lizzy… totally killer music. Rock on. -Shepard

Check out The Shrine’s website HERE. You can also follow them on instagram @theshrine

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