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FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th from 8a – 8p

Restocks + New Styles

3500 W. Carriage Dr.
Santa Ana CA 92704

More info visit OBEYCLOTHING.com

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miami art basel, i mean art bombing

I was just down in Miami for Art Basel and it was a blast. I took a sturdy crew including Z Bomit, Dan Flores, and Nic Bowers to help handle bis. We bombed Miami for three nights and also did an amazing legal wall coordinated by Logan Hicks and BooksIIII for the PRIMARY FLIGHT project. The hilarious thing is that right when we started the mural a cop pulled up and asked what we were doing. We told him the spot was a legal wall and he said “cool, I’ll hang out and make sure no one bothers you guys”. The cop even grabbed a crow bar out of the trunk and helped us pry off an old sign that was in the way on the wall. We were worried he would notice the connection to all the images we put up in the city, but he either didn’t, or didn’t care. When it was getting dark, the cop even turned his lights on the wall. The whole surreal incident was the real version of a board series Real Skateboards did in the 90’s called the “Real Fantasy Series” which had graphics of cops bucketing out swimming pools to drain them for skating… hilarious.  These photos are less than half the spots we did.
   Obey had a party with Spread Magazine and Supertouch Art  at the Shore Club and I got to spin records with my favorite DJ, Z-Trip who killed it as usual. A ton of great people and old friends came through the party. Russell “Rush” Simmons even rolled through toward the end. Thanks to Levi’s, Obey Clothing, Bombay Sapphire, and Lucky Beer for supporting the party.
   Of course the art fairs were cool too. Jonathan Levine did an awesome job with my work in his booth at Scope. I saw a lot of great art at Scope, Basel, and Pulse, but there was creativity on the streets and everywhere else. Basel is pretty intense and I’d recommend checking it out.

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NASA PRoject

I worked on a video for my friend Sam Spiegel’s(AKA Squeak E Clean) N.A.S.A project. The song is called “Money” and is a collaboration between Sam and David Byrne of The Talking Heads and Chuck D. of Public Enemy. The song is great and the video turned really well. Syd the animator did a great job. Check it out.

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Welcome Spencer Elden!

So we have a new intern, Spencer Elden who is the baby from the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. Spencer is 17 now and it tuns out that he is not only a fan of Obey, but a good artist as well. He has been helping out cutting stencils and working on tee shirt ideas. I think Spencer has a bright future and if he keeps working, the next time he re-creates the “Nevermind” cover they’ll have to lure him with at least a $20 bill.



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Help Antar Dayal

A few weeks ago a gifted artist Antar Dayal, one of the Artists for Obama lost both his home and studio in the wildfires that swept California. He plans to rebuild but his studio will not be covered by insurance or FEMA. Southern Californians Shepard Fairey, Josh Higgins and Rafael López are offering a cache of signed prints to help Antar rebuild his studio.

The cache includes:  Shepard Fairey -Yes We Did,  Shepard Fairey – Hope,  Josh Higgins – Roots, Rafael López – Unidad,  Rafael López-Rebuild Hope

You or a group of friends can bid on this cache between December 1-8 to help rebuild Antar’s studio.

Send your email bid to Rafael López Studio at r.lopez@cox.net

We will notify you during the bidding process should you have the highest bid and the starting price for the cache is $300. All proceeds will go to Antar Dayal.

If you would like to make a donation to rebuild Antar’s studio make your check payable to ANTAR DAYAL and mail it to:

Rafael López Studio
843 Tenth Avenue. Studio C
San Diego, CA 92101



for more information visit reliefposters.com

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Freedom Fries

These posters were spotted on the streets of Paris. I guess France respects the U.S. again, and Freedom fries can be called French fries again… except in Paris Texas.


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Peace Guard

This print is a collaboration with NYC-Based Photographer and Filmmaker Kai Regan.  Shepard used a photograph of a model that Kai shot as the subject of this illustration and print.  The print is an Edition of 450, 18 x 24, and is $50.  It will be available for sale 12/3/08 at a random time.  Read more about Kai and visit his website after the jump.


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It’s that time again! The OBEY Clothing Holiday 2008 sample sale is here!  Snooze? Lose!
For questions email info@obeyclothing.com.

Friday December 5th from 8a-6pm
Saturday December 6th from 8a-3pm

3500 W. Carriage Dr.
Santa Ana CA 92704

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artsprojekt x obey skateboards


I first moved to California in 1996 to work with my friend and art and skateboarding role model Andy Howell. If you don’t know who he is, Andy founded New Deal Skateboards, Underworld Element (now Element), and Sophisto Clothing. Now Andy has started artsprojekt.com and is re-issuing some classic skate art, along with some new boards. We are re-releasing some Obey classics, and have added some new boards into the mix.  Enjoy.
-Shepard Fairey


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OBEY Clothing has a new site!

Check it out! Its wooooondddderrrfullll and you can buy stuff online.  Also take a look at the new holiday collection after the jump.


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