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Why Shepard Fairey’s Prosecution is Bad for Boston

Saturday at the Boston ICA Caleb Neelon gave a short talk about why artist Shepard Fairey’s prosecution is bad for Boston.  Several people wanted him to put the talk somewhere public, and he has published it on his site.

“I’m sending this along to you because this is a current event, and some of you may not realize its timeliness or importance: Shepard is due back in court in Boston next week.”

PLEASE READ CALEB’S STATEMENT HERE  www.theartwheredreamscometrue.com


This is an original commemorative collab between Shepard Fairey x MFG designed for the release party of Shepard’s new board series with Stereo Skateboard at Dance Right this week, April 9th. A handful of posters will be given away at the event and the rest are all available exclusively here on the Dance Right store.

The poster will go on sale on Tuesday, April 7th at 10AM, Pacific Time.


Thursday, April 9th
10pm – 2am

That will be first-come, first-served, cost $5 after 11PM, get there early! 

336 South Hill Street
Downtown LA 

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Monkey Pod Canvas Auction for Charity

The Monkey Pod Canvas (Green Version) was completed by Shepard in March 2009 and is with all canvas pieces a unique 1 of 1, 44″ x 30″ painted collaged canvas framed. Detailed photos of the canvas piece are attached, along with a photo of Shepard with the piece. A certificate of authenticity from Obey Giant will also be provided to the winning bidder. 100% of the funds generated from the sale of this piece will be donated to an indigenous youth charity program for at risk teens suffering from abuse, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, and gang involvement. Unfortunately, the purchase of this piece will not be tax-deductable. I’m sure you are well aware of the rarity of having an opportunity to acquire one of Shepard’s canvas pieces, if you are interested in this unique chance to own this amazing canvas please respond with your contact information – name, direct phone number to monkeypodauction@gmail.com.  The piece will be sold to the highest bidder on April 11, 2009 – any initial offers should began at $20,000 USD and up. All bids must be received no later than 7pm (eastern), Friday, April 10, 2009.

For more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact Julia or Daniel at 612-226-2635

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GEF Buddyhead Interview

Check out this interview with Glen E Friedman done by Buddyhead.com.  Glen was interviewed durning his Dec 08 show at our very own Subliminal Projects Gallery.  Be sure to stop by the gallery and get a look at the current exhibition with John Van Hamersveld. 



20 Year Retro Series Set

This large format print series was created to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of OBEY.  The series was first released in Feb but only to a selected few for the opening of Shepard’s 20 year Retrospective at the ICA Boston.  Shepard chose to revisit these images, from the 98 – 2000 era, due to their popularity but adding a more refined look to them with the replace of the OBEY Orange for a Metallic Gold.  This fine art print series will go sale on 4/2/09 at noon.  The series will initially go on sale only as a set with a few individual prints sold separately later in the day.



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Love Unites… Again

You remember this image from a couple of months ago.  It was made to raise awareness and for the movement to overturn Prop. 8.  Well, the fight is still on… Now, we are working with F.A.I.R on getting message out.  Check out the online store for stuff with the Defend Equality graphic.  


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Earth Hour

Check it out. We just designed a PSA for EARTH HOUR which was actually this past Saturday… bold strategy to post about it once it has passed huh? Well, the concept is relevant any hour of any day, so don’t give me lip punk! Global warming is no joke and everyone can do their small part to make a difference. Turn your lights off when you are not using them, and switch over to compact fluorescents. Fluorescents are more money up front, but they last way longer so it works out financially and ecologically. Thanks for caring.

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Arkitip x Shepard Fairey

This has been in the works for some time.
Special issue edition, packaging and issue supplement – Summer 2009
Coming soon… 

For updates visit http://arkitipintel.com

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AND if you missed out on some recent print releases visit the Arkitip Print Shop.



Me and the crew of Nic Bowers and Z Bomit  hit SXSW in Austin TX for a few days. We got some good spots. Check it out.

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Bad Brains Collaboration Print

Bad Brains are one of my favorite punk/hardcore groups of all time. If you don’t have their self titled debut, “Rock For Light”, “I Agaist I”, or “Quickness”, they are all essential. I first heard Bad Brains at the beginning of 1984 when my friend lent me the brilliantly curated and titled Alternative Tentacles compilation “Let Then Eat Jellybeans”(A Reagan dessert favorite update to the Marie Antoinette slogan “Let them eat cake”). The Bad Brains song “Pay to Cum” from their first album was on the comp along with songs by Black Flag, The Dead Kennedys, The Circle Jerks, Flipper, etc.. I then went out to find full length records by all those bands. I soon discovered Minor Threat as well, and learned that Bad Brains had influenced their vocalist Ian MacKaye and Black flag vocalist Henry Rollins who were from Washington DC where Bad Brains had started as well. The Bad Brains were also a huge influence for the Beastie Boys. This collaboration ties into almost all of the bands I mentioned because they were almost all iconically shot at various times by photographer Glen E. Friedman. Glen shot a lot of great photos of Bad Brains and a few different shots were spliced together as the reference for this poster illustration. If you don’t know Glen’s work, and you should… go to burningflags.com. This poster is signed by Glen, me, and all the original members of Bad Brains. Keep that PMA.

On sale on 3/26/09
Signed by Shepard, Glen E Friedman, and all the original members of Bad Brains
$120 (price increase is due to compensation for contributing parties)

Be sure to check out BADBRAINS.com and BURNINGFLAGS.com
…or you might miss something you don’t want to miss!


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