Indie film w/David Yow

I ran into my friend Phil Donlan and Jesus Lizard singer and artist David Yow a few weeks ago and they told me about an independent film they are working on. The film is called High and Outside: A Baseball Noir, and also stars Geoffrey Lewis, who’s best known for a run of films with Clint Eastwood in the ‘70s, including High Plains Drifter. I met Phil when he was part of the film crew documenting the progress on my West Hollywood Library mural. He also came with our crew to Asbury park NJ to document the murals there and enjoy some spirits and good music. David Yow I’ve seen perform several times since ’91 as lead singer of Jesus Lizard and we have shown his art in our gallery as well. These guys have a Kickstarter campaign going to raise funds to complete their film. I appreciate the indie hustle and I want to support cool creative projects(and my friends), so I’d appreciate y’all taking a second to check out the Kickstarter campaign for High and Outside: A Baseball Noir.