The Cat to run for Russian President

The Russian internet cat who walkes by itself in the classic art masterpieces visited Obama Hope poster. The Cat decided to run for Russian President and choosed the famous alternative candidate style for his electoral campaign. Russian President elections are at 4th of March. All the human candidates are hopeless. The Cat is the only hope. The English word “hope” is remaid in Russian word “Котэ” that means “kitteh”. It is written in Russian: “Kitteh is our hope” The Cat hopes that Mr. Shepard Fairey loves not only dogs, but cats also, and that he will pet the Cat for this bootleg as true cat lovers do when a cat steals a sausage from a fridge. Source here you can find the story and other versions of the poster. On the russian version of this post you can find what is happening with this poster at the streets, but i’m afraid that it is too much madness.